Corona Virus - Affects on small business globally. 

Our customers and our staff are our main priority throughout this pandemic and we want to wish everyone health and safety. We are adhering to strict safety measures put in place by our authorities and continue to monitor the situation which is changing daily. 


Update - 01/03/20

We understand the impact the current situation has had on our families, friends and our entire world at the moment. We want you to know, we are still operating, complying with the Australian Government's policies and ensuring the safety of our staff and customers in this difficult time. 

UPDATE WAS ISSUED ON THE 1/01/2020 to notify our customers of possible delays. Please read further for more information.

All orders are currently shipping as per normal, please ensure you read our shipping policy and timeframes as these coincide with the current situation.

Please monitor Australia Post's website for any delay notifications as the situation is constantly changing. 

We thank you for your support.

We will have some delays with our orders, and have placed a disclaimer on our website once we were aware of this situation in December 19. This was added to  our shipping information once the issue was brought to the attention of Little eedie.

This information was added on the 1/01/2020 to indicate that delays were affecting orders placed from the 1/01/2020 and that it is currently out of our control.


The reason for this disclaimer is to inform you that this is a possibility and for our customers to take this information into consideration when placing an order between this timeframe.


This delay can affect the whole order, or just parts of the order and unfortunately, if there is 1 or 2 items delayed through the process this can also affect your order. 

Any delayed items will be finalised and sent, and we do assure you that our team are aware of any items you may be waiting for. 


One of the main delays we have encountered is in the manufacturing. 

With the current Global Crisis issued by WHO, we have had to insure at the light of this situation that 1, our customers were to be safe and there was no risk to anyone regarding off shore manufacturing, and 2 that our manufactures kept safe while the whole world needed to learn more about this situation.


This situation has seen multiple ports and transit operations close for a short time, which has also affected our system in updating tracking numbers and delaying parcels in transit at depots.


Currently, we have resumed manufacturing, our warehouse and fulfilment centre is getting back to normal however we do appreciate that this can take time. We are working closely with authorities both here in Australian and off shore and we are now very happy to understand that there is no threat to our customers, or our team members working to help manufacture and fulfil your orders.


This situation has been 100% out of our control and we understand that it has caused an inconvenience for our customers. We promise, we are also feeling the inconvenience.


We are happy to assist with current orders which have been affected by a delay in offering a store credit to the same value + additional $10 for the inconvenience or altering sizes to ensure you get the most wear out of the items you have selected.


We do apologise for this issue and we are working hard to ensure we do what we can in the process of resuming things back to normal.


Your patience is greatly appreciated in this circumstance.


Kind Regards

Little Eedie Team.